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November 11, 2018 8 min read 0 Comments

The Autumn Wind

Peace and balance are reflected in every stroke of this painting, The Autumn Wind, by Zeross. It is captured in vivid color that would complement any décor in your home or office and provide a constant reminder to remain calm no matter the chaos around you. This beautiful piece transcends all cultures and beliefs so you don’t have to be a lifelong learner of Falun Dafa or even a seeker to appreciate its powerful message. It will certainly stir your spirit even as you enjoy its beauty and reflect on its meaning and implications.

This powerful and moving piece carries a message that speaks to you the individual, your family, and mankind as a whole. It conveys its message of peace and goodness wherever you put it, whether it enriches your household or is on display in your business.

Purchase this painting for yourself or for a treasured friend to further their enlightenment and expand their thoughts. Let it be a reminder that no matter how the world rages, no matter how fear takes hold of those around you, if you remain rooted in the power of Falun Dafa, you can emerge unscathed.

The Autumn Wind: What You See

The painting is set on a split background, half air and half earth. The sky is deep, midnight azure but for the breathtaking, majestic mountains in the center that glow with rose and light sky tones that fade into the darkness. Trees line the forefront of the mountains, framing a peaceful lake with a surface like glass. In front of the lake sits a man in deep meditation. He does not pay attention to the vivid, green grass and colorful flowers around him; he does not let that break his focus.

He is also not distracted by the chaos occurring around him. Many planets are pummeling the Earth, exploding on the surface and in the air. They appear as fireballs—a destructive force causing the animals of the forest to panic and flee the serenity of the picturesque mountains and lake. Their fear is evident, visible as they try to run away, but the meditator still sits in the same spot, never moving, never flinching, his face still calm.

Meaning of The Autumn Wind

The artist drew his inspiration from the last program of the 2012 Shen Yun Performing Arts show. In that show, a single, large planet was approaching the Earth in much the same way the numerous planets are showering the Earth in the painting. Soon, the Earth became a massive fireball and was reduced to a wasteland. There were many lives changed forever. Many perished or sustained terrible injuries. They were the unenlightened.

The sentient beings who knew and embodied the Falun Dafa survived the catastrophe and emerged unscathed.

The Zeross refers to the scene that the practitioner observed to create the picture, “I saw ten such scenes with my third eye. Soon, the Earth took on a completely new look and became more beautiful than before the catastrophe. All of the sentient beings who survived lived a happy life.”

Is This “History” as We Know It? Or Something More?

To fully understand the message of this painting, it is necessary to understand the history of the message that began long before even the artist walked the Earth.

History books give a rambling account of Darwin’s evolution of man. According to the theory, mankind began as an aquatic plant that evolved into an aquatic animal that somehow emerged onto land and later into the trees. This being evolved into an ape and, after several stages, became what we know as modern man. This school of thought puts the age of mankind and human civilization at about 10,000 years old. This would make early man little more than primitive savages with rudimentary skills and limited knowledge.

The evidence, however, tells a different story.

Timelines Don’t Add Up

Around the world, ancient cultures have been discovered—and are still being discovered. They are much older than our own civilization, even older than the “savage, primitive man” of Darwin’s theory. What’s more, those civilizations show highly skilled craftsmen and evidence of people with very sophisticated skills and abilities. They are dated millions of years old, but the quality and artistry rival what is found today with all our technology and knowledge.

How can that be?

The timeframes don’t add up because these civilizations would have been alive when man was still at the monkey stage. One instance that shows the discrepancy is a find an American scientist made of a trilobite fossil. These trilobites have been extinct for around 260 million years. However, the fossil this scientist found had a human footprint on the trilobite—and the foot was wearing a shoe.

Ancient drawings that show human figures have been found dating back 30,000 years or later. That is not so unusual, but what is striking is that these figures are wearing clothes, hats, shoes, and holding “modern” objects like a telescope or tobacco pipe. Monkeys can’t draw like that, and they certainly can’t fabricate such detail.

A number of brave scientists have acknowledged that the only explanation for this phenomenon is there were earlier civilizations that existed before our own. In fact, they assert that there were periods of civilizations—several of them. This is evidenced by examination of archeological objects that were determined to be from various periods of civilization, not just one.

They theorize these civilizations each sustained some type of catastrophic event that left only a few survivors. These survivors lived primitively but gradually multiplied, furthering the human race, and they advanced technologically. This has occurred in a number of cycles, devastation and new growth, then devastation once more. It is a great pattern of the universe.

The author, Mr. Li Hongzhi, founder of Falun Dafa, the practice’s master, says,

“One time I traced it back carefully and found out that there have been 81 times when mankind lay in total ruin, and only a few people survived, only a little of the prehistoric civilization was left, and then they entered the next period and lived primitively. When the people multiplied enough, civilization would finally appear again. So, it’s gone through 81 of these cycles, and I didn’t trace it back to the end. The Chinese people talk about opportunities of time granted by Heaven, geographical advantages, and unity among the people. Different changes in celestial phenomena, or different times granted by Heaven, these can bring about different situations in the ordinary world. In physics they say that the motion of matter follows patterns. Well, the same goes for the motion of the universe.”

Karma: The Source of Catastrophes

Catastrophes like epidemics, wars, man-made disasters, and natural disasters are all rooted in karma. Human beings have karma, and those events exist as a way to cleanse the population or remove the karma. It doesn’t matter how beautiful or wonderful the time period is, that accumulation of karma still exists, and those things are necessary to eliminate it for people.

When man’s karma grows and becomes large, elimination is necessary. Then man’s wars, human disasters, and natural catastrophes occur, and society is reset.

The cleansing is not without suffering and pain. When karma accumulates to the point it is too large and too much, it enters a state of “evil beyond forgiveness.” The only solution is annihilation. The people are removed from Earth, annihilated, often violently. Humans must suffer to eliminate karma, but that suffering is part of the protection.

Reducing karma brings about blessings. Immense virtue creates humans who are strong and prosperous. However, at its core, those people must have less karma and good hearts. This is what will prevent calamities. The human mind in its unenlightened state cannot comprehend this though. It cannot see the cause and effect, only the “do what I want to do” mentality that is so destructive.

It is vital that mankind observe and adopt moral standards. If they do not, society will once again enter the chaos and destructive period of man-made disasters and natural calamities that mark the end of civilizations.

Humans Becoming Better Inhabitants of the Earth

Morality is the solution to the now inevitable, eventual destruction of our civilization. If humans could adopt a life of true, pure morality and increase it to its best, perfect state, then the diseases and natural disasters that threaten life and the existence of our civilization would most certainly decrease. Wars would decrease or disappear, and our society would reach a heightened state of enlightenment and peace.

This is not likely, though, because the human heart degenerated to such a degree that it is not capable of that pure, complete morality. That wicked heart has, in turn, caused everything else to degenerate as well. The wickedness is like a caustic material, eating away at everything it touches. It seeps into families, contaminating each person in the bloodline from little children to the elderly. The generational degeneration into immorality is a festering sore on our society.

The Earth was created for humans to inhabit. From the very beginning, it was made for humans to live and multiply. So, if those who were meant to inhabit the Earth degenerate, then everything that was and is created from them will degenerate as well. It is just the way the universe works.

Mankind has degenerated to such a degree that our civilization as we know it is barely sustainable. We sit on a precipice, teetering on the edge, waiting for the ocean to swallow up major, heavily populated parts of the world or for the next war to make humankind extinct.

But why do they happen? The answer is simple. Mankind has deteriorated morally to such an extent it can no longer sustain a healthy, thriving civilization. So many evils are now accepted as normal, even embraced: crime rings, drug abuse, homosexuality, promiscuous sex, and sexual freedom all open the door for chaos and destruction. Without order, nothing can survive for long, and currently the state of our world is complete disarray.

Humans are not acting the way they should, instead giving power to confusion and wrong mindedness. Even those who are not directly involved are still part of the problem because the wickedness has polluted their minds and hearts, leaving them apathetic and indifferent or sympathetic with those who perpetrate the wickedness. Even doing nothing is a permissive action, condoning those activities, those thoughts, and that immorality.

Hope Is on the Horizon

The Autumn Wind brings this process into sharp focus and brings the mind to a place of morality and goodness. It reveals changes in our society that are currently taking place, changes that could very well save mankind. Many people have become good and many are in the becoming state. Currently, 100 million people cultivate in Dafa, and as that lifestyle dictates, they are moving closer and closer to that perfection of goodness and morality. They are striving to become good - good people, better people.

As more people come to this knowledge and conduct themselves in a moral, good manner, as they pursue this goodness and higher thinking, catastrophes will finally cease. This is the natural move of the universe. When no karma is created and there is no massive accumulation, there is no need for a cleansing. It is the way of the universe, of god, of the natural world.

Bring The Autumn Wind Into Your Own Home

Bring this stunning work of art into your own home to be ever reminded of the morality and goodness we should all strive to achieve and maintain. Even when the wickedness and immorality of man is falling around you, don’t give in to it. Don’t fear it. Fight it with the goodness that exists within your own heart. Fight it with the peace inside you that shines out of you and calms the world.

This painting can be yours, and you can reap all the benefits, learning, and enlightenment that it facilitates. Make the purchase today, and let it begin doing its good in your home, for your family. Let its lesson help you stop the inevitable deterioration of morality that may even be within your own family or among your friends. Break the generational curses that will lead to the destruction of civilization, and let goodness shine inward and outward.

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