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Design Services at Zeross

At Zeross, we believe life is about finding truthfulness, compassion, and forbearance. We are passionate about encouraging practitioners of Falun Dafa, meditation, yoga, and other spiritual disciplines to progress along this path.

With that in mind, our design services team is dedicated to designing works of fine art for useful and decorative products to help you along your journey. Our work is meant to inspire, uplift, and motivate you to live your best life, which is why all of our creations are focused on these things:

  • Spirituality
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Religion
  • Other Godly Subjects and Designs

Having a full-time design staff is good news for you: you will always have a wide selection of top-quality and ever-changing designs to choose from, and you have the opportunity to turn your own spiritual, artistic vision into a reality with the help of our professional artists.

Our Designs...Or Yours!

Our artists work steadily to create new designs. When you visit our site, you're likely to see something you didn't see on your last visit! We want to ensure you have choices that inspire you, and that will continue to guide you as your spiritual journey grows and evolves.

One unique aspect of our design team is that we're able to help you create your own designs! We all have a path in life, and not all of us are meant to be artists. However, that doesn't mean we don't have creative ideas that yearn to be brought to life.

You can work side-by-side with our design team to create a one-of-a-kind piece of art especially for you. Express your ideas, and let our artists interpret them into an image you can use on one of our products or for any other purpose you might have.

Keep in mind that we're committed to creating spiritual, uplifting works of art. We won't accept design requests for anything that does not fall into one of these categories:

  • Buddhas
  • Daos
  • Gods
  • Meditation

The Power of Art

Art has always had an impact on humans individually and collectively. It shapes society as society shapes it. As our perception of "beautiful" changes, the aesthetic of our art changes. This idea of beauty, and how it is reflected in our art, is closely related to the moral standards we hold in our society.

When our morals slip, our art slips too. It becomes chaotic and violent. It turns into the work you see at a museum that makes you think, "Is that art?" or "I could have done that."

These so-called works of art aren't created from a place of clarity and spiritual groundedness. The artist may have even intentionally created a piece that brings up hostile feelings of anger or revulsion, purposely spreading those distracting and damaging feelings among viewers. The artwork and the artist may grow to achieve a certain level of fame, but the work is not uplifting. It does little to serve us on our path to truthfulness, compassion, and forbearance; in fact, such "art" can take us further from that path.

You can see the vicious cycle that can occur here: as our morals slacken, our art loses morality; as we consume this lesser art, it encourages our morals to slip even deeper.

Life is challenging as it is. Many things try to steer us off course and derail us from our moral path. Art should not be one of them.

This is the power of art, for better or worse. A beautiful piece created with a loving heart designed to enrich someone's life has the power to do so, while a ragged piece created from a place of outrage or even hatred has the power to devastate us, to bring us down, to take us off course. It doesn't serve the artist or the observer to be clouded in such negativity.

When we strive to live a pure, upright life, our art should reflect that. This is why the Zeross design team creates works of fine art on the subjects of meditation, mindfulness, and spiritual figures, and why we stick to the path of truthfulness, compassion, and forbearance in our art and in our lives.

As a company, we don't want to put our artists in a position to create negative feelings and deliver art that is neither beautiful nor uplifting. Nor do we want to help anyone along a path of negativity or destruction by sharing "art" that reflects those qualities. Therefore, we don't accept requests for art depicting anything but godly and spiritual subjects.

Our mission is to guide and inspire your meditative journey, and all of our works of fine art is created with that in mind.

Art and Spirituality

By practicing Falun Dafa, we're committed to truthfulness, compassion, and forbearance in all areas of life, not just in our meditation practice. These essential principles follow us into business and art.

To live a spiritually elevated life, we must encourage this growth in others. Knowing the impact art has on every human being, we feel a responsibility to reinforce a high moral standard of truthfulness, compassion, and forbearance with art that is beautiful, uplifting, and inspiring.

Art can guide our spirituality and our role in society. Truly beautiful art—spiritual art—encourages us to live along the path of truth. This is true for traditional fine art as well as film, music, and books. Those who seek violent movies, loud, angry music, and trashy books are likely to stray from their spiritual journeys into an immoral lifestyle. We may not intend to, but we can't help but be influenced by the negative messages we receive from these modern day art forms, which have long since gone beyond true moral standards. Day by day, this negative influence takes us further away from our true path: truthfulness, compassion, and forbearance.

Today's music is an ideal example of this deviation. Truly talented singers and musicians who strive to improve their craft and inspire their listeners are often overlooked for those who have the "image" of a performer. The physical appeal of the performer becomes more important than the actual art form, which allows these performers to write meaningless or disgusting lyrics and rely on technology to fix the errors in their shoddy singing technique. They've strayed from true art, true morality, and they're dragging their listeners along this destructive path.

We may wonder why we struggle to live up to high moral standards even when we want more than anything to live an upright life. We may wonder why we find ourselves making poor choices, hurting others, and finding it difficult to stick with a meditation practice. In fact, it may be in part because we surround ourselves with wicked and often demonic artwork devoid of moral integrity. Our moral values are threatened on a daily basis by the messages in our music and the stories we see on film, in advertising, in modern or contemporary art museums, and in our own homes.

As we lose our taste for what is truly beautiful, we lose our morals and our spiritual integrity, as well.

As practitioners of Falun Dafa, we cannot separate our principles from our works of fine art. We have a clear understanding of what we need to help us stay on the path. The art we enjoy must reflect our spiritual longings and intentions. The same goes for the art we create. It's the only way we can feel good about ourselves as artists and as human beings.

With beautiful, spiritual works of fine art, we know we're serving humanity. We know we're helping to uplift you. We know we're doing no harm.

The Downfall of Art—and Society

Life is a process of growth, stability, destruction, and rebirth. Art is the same way. Interestingly, we see this in both Eastern and Western art forms and methods, though Eastern and Western arts have followed different paths.

Though both Eastern and Western artists have created beautiful works throughout history, the artistic techniques, as well as the feelings conveyed by the art, are different.

Western art took on a studied, practical approach, almost from the beginning. Artists practiced creating accurate depictions of real life. Western art was a gift from the gods, but the focus was on the surface of what it meant to be human via carefully refined artistic technique. With the Renaissance, Leonardo da Vinci and other great artists emerged to lead the way to artistic maturity.

This is why the art created at that time had, and continues to have, such an impact on society. It's why we fiercely protect this art in secure museums, which is what God intends for us to do. If we were ever to lose the most glorious works, many of which are protected in France, we would lose great insight into our cultural past and, with it, hope for a better future.

As Western art developed, each stage was inherited from the previous generation of artists. They developed schools, theories, and formal training to preserve and improve the techniques in a systematic learning fashion. Thus, it is important for the Western artist to learn how to accurately portray light, shade, shapes, and perspective. A painting of a particular person is expected to look like that person; the more accurate the painting is, the more talented we consider the artist to be.

In the East, the Chinese arts arose from a semi-divine culture, meaning the emphasis of the works of fine art was the inner spiritual life: the works depicted the spirit and inner meaning of the subject. Rather than establishing art schools, developing formal training systems, and helping future artists refine their technique, the skills were passed along as a part of folk culture via artisans and people who were on a spiritual journey. There was no emphasis on accurate depictions of the subjects.

At the end of the Qing Dynasty, some Chinese artists started to learn Western techniques. They started creating accurate depictions of real-life forms and figures.

The arts of both cultures experienced their peak; they are now both experiencing their downfall.

In the West, Picasso and Van Gogh ushered in the era of modern art. They moved away from traditional art (now forced to be known as "realism" to differentiate it from the demonic modern works) to corrupt mankind. The impressionist and abstractionist movements may feature famous artists and popular works, but the art is demonic in nature. It is damaging to the artist and causes psychological damage to the observers; as the viewers' morality declines, the entire society suffers. The entire society is damaged as a result of untruthful art.

Western art, once the most perfect, beautiful art in the world, began its steady decline.

Especially in the last 40 years or so, this modern thinking has reached the Eastern arts, as well. Under the influence of modern consciousness, the works of fine art lost its shape. As in the West, Eastern artists started sculpting and painting objects with crooked mouths and noses, missing limbs (or extra limbs), and half a face. There was no longer an effort to create an image that reflected the beauty of real life. The artists are no longer guided by truth; it's as if they don't have their own souls. This is how "modern" and "contemporary" art came to be.

That was only the beginning of our artistic decline, which is evidence of our society's decline.

We can't expect our morals to stay the same when we're face-to-face with degenerate artwork. That lack of truth in the work forces us toward a downfall.

When you view the completed modern or contemporary works, you can tell when the artist was producing from a place of spiritual disruption and disconnect. The paintings and sculptures have no structure, as if the artist doesn't even know what he's trying to say. The work lacks harmony and the true pleasing aesthetic that calms our spirits and frees our minds to create in harmony with truthfulness, compassion, and forbearance.

Instead of striving to create accurate portrayals of life, today's artists are self-indulgent. They've allowed disruptive thought to corrupt their true nature, and they create artwork that reflects their disjointed inner life. This is why works of fine art started to lack depth and visual balance. The pieces were no longer reflecting the true spirit of the artist, which, as for all humans, is a spirit of light, love, and peace.

Many artists started finding their so-called inspiration from their desire to become famous. They created pieces of art designed to shock and draw attention. The subjects are often dark, demonic, and ghost-like. Artists started following the desires of the observer and consumer; together, artists and observers drew each other further away from what is true and beautiful.

Some of the artists today can admit the work is garbage, but it's what the people want, so they continue to produce this garbage. Meanwhile, society continues its degenerative slide, unable to even recognize what's beautiful anymore.  

The result today is a steady production of so-called art that means little, inspires less, and derails us from our true path. Why do we want to look at those artworks? It's because they match our own demonic thoughts and feelings. The constant stream of sub-par performing and fine arts are degrading all of humanity, influencing our very consciousness and corrupting our natural inclination toward truly inspiring, uplifting art—and with it, a truly inspiring, uplifting life.

Today's arts are blasphemy. They are little more than tools for the netherworld, and we have slipped so far as a society that we believe this garbage is the best.

What Makes True Art?

We only have to look at the original art from the earliest days of civilization to understand what art can and should be.

The earliest sculptures and carvings were depictions of the gods or devotional images designed to honor the gods in temples and shrines. Even early Western paintings depicted Biblical scenes and stories. The gods in the works of fine art were protecting humanity and passing on valuable information to mankind. People understood that by doing good in the world, good was returned to them.

Why do we work so hard to preserve these old works of art? Because these pieces call to a place deep inside of us. We journey thousands of miles to visit the museums that house these works because we long to be touched by the truth of their beauty. We long to be uplifted. We know, deep down, that to gaze upon true art inspires us to live our best lives.

The idea of creating only godly and spiritual works of fine art might seem restricting, but it is, in fact, the opposite. God created the universe and everything in it. This infinite universe reflects our true godly nature in every corner, and when we make art with this in mind, there are endless designs that can be created to honor our true nature and the spiritual path.

This is how any artistic professional can do his or her job and still live up to the guiding principles of truthfulness, compassion, and forbearance. It doesn't matter if you're a painter, a filmmaker, or a singer, you can strive to create art that reflects your true nature and the true nature of humanity. You can create paintings, movies, and songs that uplift your fellow humans. Whatever your works of fine art is expressing at eye level, at the deepest level, it is expressing god and your spiritual nature.

At Zeross, the theme and inspiration for all our works of fine art is the spiritual life and the Falun Dafa principles of truthfulness, compassion, and forbearance. Whether we're developing our own artistic ideas or helping you develop yours, our art reflects true human nature.

We believe your spiritual path is the most important aspect of your life. It will influence everything you do. When you dedicate yourself to Falun Dafa or another spiritual practice, you have the potential to contribute to society in a positive way.

But it has to go far beyond a 20-minute meditation practice or a few yoga classes every week. That's a great place to start, but you'll want to surround yourself with reminders to deepen your practice. You need to consider how you live every minute of every day. What do you eat? What thoughts are you thinking? How do you treat others? What do you consume via your eyes and ears? The answers to all those questions will impact your spiritual journey; the answers to those questions will either ease your journey or make it more difficult.

Make the process as smooth and enjoyable as possible by surrounding yourself with works of fine art, both visual and otherwise, that serves to elevate you and your purpose.

It's not always easy, but it is worth it. The Zeross design team is here to help.

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